Air Conditioning Installation Service

Oscar's Tip of the Month

To keep your system running efficiently, check on your filter every 3 months. If you have pets, or run the AC more often, check it monthly.

Common Myths & FAQs

Is regular maintenance required?

Regular service will keep your AC unit running in the best and most efficient condition. Its much more affordable to spend a little money on maintenance over time than spend a LOT of money on a new AC unit that dies early!

Do I need a bigger AC unit to cool my house?

Maybe! This depends on how many rooms you have and how often you use the AC. You will need a unit that is properly sized to your home. You don’t want too much power, but not enough and you will be wondering whether the AC is working or not.

Do I only need AC for the summer?

No! While the summers in Tucson certainly require some relief from the heat, our winters can be extremely cold, too. Your AC unit can help warm the air in your home, and can help keep the air flowing and remove moisture from your home. We are ready to help if you need an air conditioning installation service to upgrade your unit to properly cool your home. 

Will turning the thermostat down cool my house faster?

Of course you need a temperature that will keep you comfortable, but your AC unit will keep running constantly until it can reach a temperature it can maintain. Don’t turn your thermostat down too cold, your AC unit can only cool down to a certain temperature at a controlled rate, it won’t cool faster with a lower temperature setting.

Do I really need to replace my filter?

Yes! A filter is constantly removing dust and particles from the air. A dirty filter will reduce airflow and make your AC unit less efficient. This could cause the AC unit to work harder, which could end up leading to a shorter lifespan.

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